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Journey’s End

It’s a Bank Holiday, and I’m in work. Yes, it’s another dramatic opening statement that is supposed to show you how hard I currently have it, but I don’t expect sympathy as there is a ready supply of Cadbury’s Cream Eggs in our kitchen and their sugary goodness is keeping me happy.

However, their chocolate covered goo is masking one disappointment, as I discovered this weekend that my first comic book shop has now closed its doors. On a trip down to Bristol I found that the Travelling Man where I bought Tommysaurus Rex, my first ever graphical novel, is no more.

Admitedly it’s been less than a handful of years since I started reading books that had more artwork than words but the staff there were always helpful and always had a suggestion or two for what I should try next. It’s sad to see that the Forbidden Planet that opened not two streets away has forced out this indie.

Luckily Ali works very close to another in the form of Astral Gypsy, and whilst I’m not against shopping in the chains, I’m always one for liking the more personal touch that the indies, in any genre, can give you.