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BIGsheep bakes battenberg

A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to a new video camera, a lovely Sony CX410.With some of the bits and pieces we’ve done for 7outof10 over the last year I looked at it as a way of expanding my repertoire. I enjoy doing the Let’s Play captures and thought I could add some “to camera” pieces to flesh them out, plus our excursions to Gamescom and Rezzed helped me discover an enjoyment in interviewing and editing. It was my post-Crunch treat to give me something to look forward to.

So, with that all said, why not christen the new toy with a baking video.

When I focused on trying to shoot something game related I was a bit overwhelmed. There was too much choice and, indeed, setup.

Inspired by Amy’s video of me baking bread a few weeks ago though I knew what was needed and at least could set about trying out my new hardware with little worry about the process. I’d seen her shoot it and could just mimic the process. Instead I could just focus – pun intended – on seeing what the CX410 could do.

As a first stab I’m happy with it. There are obvious things to work on, not least the audio, but it’s proven I made a good choice when it came to the camera.

How to make bread

Over Christmas our lovely friend Amy from She Cooks, She Eats came up from London to visit. She runs a lovely food blog and very kindly ask me to make some bread.

If I’m being honest, it wasn’t the finest loaf I’ve produced. It was a little wet after the initial mixing and although it came out ok in the end it was a little touch and go at one point.

I’ll put it down to filming nerves.

Peggle 2: Let’s Play

Bjorn’s back, and he’s brought some friends. We take some time to look around EA’s Xbox One timed exclusive and contemplate the best way to utilise a gnome trapped inside a robotic dwarf’s body.

Typing of the Dead Overkill: Let’s Play

Our second on-the-rails-shooter of the week? Whatever next? No finger waving here, though, instead some good old fashion speed typing as we look at the cult spin-off from House of the Dead.

Warning: coarse language found within!

Blue Estate: Let’s Play

And I’m back. After a few weeks off in the sun drenched region of Florida I’ve plunged myself into the dark world of Blue Estate, on-the-rails shooter where the aim seems to be to kill as many Eastern gangsters as possible. Join us as we play with their new Leap Motion controller, a nifty gadget that sits on your desk and tracks your finger movements.

Rogue Legacy ::: Let’s Play

Who Do You Think You Are: The Game. Sort of. James and Ali join the family tree of an intrepid set of adventurers as each successive generation sets forth to discover fame and glory in this Castlevania-esque rogue-lite.

Pikmin 3 ::: Let’s Play

It’s been a mighty while since the last Pikmin and James has been having to suffice with the offering found in Nintendoland. That only whetted his appetite further and so here he is showing Ali found the newest instalment of Nintendo’s garden-based franchise.

The Last Door ::: Let’s Play

It’s not just platformers that can go pixelated for a more nostalgic vibe. The Last Door takes both the horror and point and click genre back in time and celebrates all things blocky. Join Ali and James as they take on The Games Kitchen’s online release.


Ethan Meteor Hunter ::: Let’s Play

Fresh from Rezzed, Seaven Studios have sent us a build of Ethan Meteor Hunter with the express instruction that I shouldn’t suck quite so much. So join Ali and myself as we take a look at the platformer featuring a rat with the power of telekinesis.

Rezzed ::: Video Roundup

As the dust of Rezzed settles we want to show you one final thing, our video roundup. For the first time 7outof10 took more than their notebooks to a show and decided to try a little filming. We take a look round the stands, zoom in on a couple of games, and grab a few devs for a chat. It’s by no means perfect (it was is our first time after all) but we hope you like it.

And as ever, if you’ve any feedback please do let us know.