Monthly Archives: June 2006

Stubbs the Zombie

If you want a game that’s fun – just sheer “make you smile” fun – I have to point you in the direction of Stubbs the Zombie.

I wandered down to Rare’s library the other day and saw it sitting unloved upon a shelf so I whisked it away to the safety of my disk and though the level design is awful and the missions are hopelessly vague nothing can take away from you the fact you are a zombie with the power to control a zombie horde.

You take on the police and military of a 1950’s American town (think Happy Days) as a dead man hungry for brains: the more you eat the more zombies you have to help you fight the tide of humanity. As well as that you also get the special powers of spleen grenades, a detachable hand that will allow you to possess others and a head that can be used as a bowling ball bomb. None of them are conventional but they are all rather squelchy.

The fun part comes from wading through the town assimilating everyone into your undead army but the bonus comes from the speech samples in the game. Stubbs in from an offshoot of the original Halo team and anyone who has ever cracked a grin at the Grunts proclaiming “the devil’s here” at the sight of Master Chief will enjoy the “oh the humanity” and “how will I ever juggle again?” from the townsfolk as you rip limbs asunder.

It wasn’t deep but it was a good way to waste a few lunchtimes, plus a mighty fine appetiser for the forth coming Dead Rising, even if the roles were reversed.