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Comic Con: The Aftermath

After what seems like a day-and-a-half’s worth of travelling (thanks to time zones), I can once more say that I walk upon England’s green and pleasant lands.

Apart from Lionhead’s footballing boasts, I’ve returned to find VP DS being recognised in the mainstream gaming media, meaning that Justin and I have done the job we set out to do. We were backed up by our fellow team mates talking about it on our favourite forum, plus footage seems to have been captured of our panel itself so once more I find myself hating the sound of my own voice (I’m the one talking at the start of the clip).

I’ve also had chance to upload the last set of photos, those featuring the little bit of non-show stuff we managed to squeeze in. This included a quick walk around the Midway and finding a bar that had a rooftop beach.

As a little extra, there is also The Adventures of Shroom, my favourite purchase at Comic Con. I blame the jetlag.

Twisting the facts

I get back from my jaunt to California to find Lionhead spreading some interesting tales about Rare’s footballing prowess! In the second of their video diaries they use some clever editing to make it seem as though they rolled us over back in May but I seem to remember things differently (and rather wordily, I now realise and apologise for), at least for our team, anyway; the least said about our B-team the better.

True, I may be bitter and twisted that the highlight reel showed the only two goals I conceded during our matches, but the truth must be known – our A-team was undefeated!

 Edit: Here’s the “highlights” that I’ve snipped from their diary.

Video: Lionhead v Rare “highlights”

Comic Con: Day 3

And we’re done.

Today was the reason we went out there for. After filling my bag with numerous paperbacks and giant mushrooms, Justin and I had an actual panel. It went well and we were relieved to find that people actually turned up and wanted to hear about Viva Pinata. Best of all, though, we got to reveal the new VP DS. A world exclusive to Comic Con and I hope our bumbling style did it justice.

 There will be more from me on this once we’re back as I’ve got to write the entire thing up for work; no doubt I’ll paste the entire thing up hear for you to divulge in detail, should you so wish.

See you back in the UK.

Edit: Here’s today’s photos.

Comic Con: Day 2: Masquerade Parade

One of the great things about going to Comic Con on a Saturday is the cosplay element. People dress up in their favourite geek-related costumes and parade around the floor and generally seek attention (which they usually get). They’re pretty much all willing to have their photo taken to show off the outstanding effort they’ve put into their costumes but the best is saved for the evening when they put on a staged event.

There were a few “interesting” choices for the showpiece event of cosplay but overall there were some amazing costumes, Beetlejuice especially, and some amusing sketches to show them off in; Harry Potter crossed with Grease got an amazing reception.

As per usual, I can’t chat for long, so take a look at these iffy photos. Sorry for the quality, we couldn’t make it into the show itself and so had to watch it on a large screen in the hall next door.

Comic Con: Day 2

Another day here in San Diego and today we managed to go around all (and I do mean all) the stalls. It took us from 9am to just after 6pm to cover everything, it’s that big.

Highlight of the day for me was giving my first ever interview to Gamasutra. Hopefully some news will spring from it shortly but as yet their site hasn’t been updated, as far as I could see.

To top it off we managed to make it to the wonderful Penny Arcade panel, plus one discussing the adaption of Tomb Raider to an animated series – very relevant thanks to the parallels that can be drawn with VP.

Anyway, I’m knackered and hungy so I’m off for a slap up meal at San Diego’s equivalent of Mrs Miggen’s Pie Shop. I’ll leave you with these photos.

Comic Con: Day 1

We were lucky, last night, and managed to sneak in an hour at the convention. Compared to E3 (of old) it’s crazily different; larger, but more relaxed as you don’t have booming music, smoke machines and thousands of TVs to assault your senses.

Carman Vader

Due to the proximity to closing, we didn’t get to do too much but a quick look around has put us in good stead for today’s outing and there is positively oodles to look round.

The one downside of last night is that the pair of us were just too knackered. We managed to get to the Eisner Awards but we were exhausted after being up for almost 30 hours and had to leave half-way through, which was a shame.

Still, you can find our first day’s adventures here: Comic Con: Day One

Welcome to San Diego

Well, we’re finally here.

Greetings from the airport.

It’s taken us about three-quarters of a day to get here but at least it’s been plain sailing all the way: eleven hours from Heathrow to LA and then a short connecting flight, both mainly taken up with me ploughing through the final Harry Potter book before someone spoils it for me.

Right now it’s not even 6pm local time so we’re off to register for the conference and try and gate crash the Eisner Awards.

Our room's view. Not bad, eh?

4am Eternal

Gah, what is this horrible time! For the second time is as many weeks I’m up before the milkman to go travelling. This time, though, there’s a laptop going with me so hopefully if I can find some wi-fi in San Diego and Comic Con I can keep you posted. If not, expect a bumper geek update when I get back.

Where was I… oh, Belgium, that’s right

Right, I’ve found five minutes to update this thing, at last.

Last week Ali and I finally managed to have a holiday together that didn’t involve any sort of board or extreme sport; we packed our bags and headed off to Belgium, Brugge to be more exact.

I can’t say it started off too well as our alarm failed to go off and the wheel almost fell off the car. Luckily Baldrick managed to make enough noise to wake us up with enough time to get down to Dover and, for the latter, our hubcap quite literally exploded off to give us a clue something was wrong and that some nuts needed tightening.

Ali with jack

Traumas of the trip there out of the way, Brugge turned out to be a very nice city. The architecture was amazing and considering it was the most tourist-friendly of all Belgium’s cities it managed it without affecting the history. Not once did I see even a small placard or “X 100 yards on the left” sign to draw your attention, meaning it was all very subtle and lovely to walk around and just happen upon places that you didn’t know were there.

One place we did stumble across was the chocolate museum, and I don’t think Ali would have let us go, or indeed leave, if we hadn’t. This knocked Cadbury’s World into a cocked-hat as it took you through the discovery of chocolate, the way it is made today and what the Belgians do different in their chocolate making to create, duh, Belgian Chocolate. We also got a practical demonstration of praline making and, of course, free samples, which always go down well.

Not happy with just chocolate, a boat ride later and we were at a beer museum right in the heart of the city. A tour of their brewery ensued and again free samples were offered when we were done.

Some of Bruge’s architecture.

The one thing that did surprise me was how kind the weather was to us. Pretty much the only time it did rain was on our river tour of the town and even then we managed to hide under a bridge until it had almost stopped. The downside to this was the sheer heat and as we left our souvenirs in the car as we wandered round for the last time it took its toll on the chocolates. Jodi, I have to apologise: your ornately hand-crafted present is now a large lump of marbled chocolate stuck to tissue paper. Hopefully you’ll have fun excavating what you can.

Not sure whether I’m coming or going

Gargh, it’s utterly hectic for me currently; after Surfing and Ali’s birthday last week, I’ve just returned from a short break in Belgium, I’m off for to Southampton this weekend for a uni reunion and there’s a possibility I’m going to Comic-Con in San Diego next week. My poor feet! I expect double sympathy for the latter because it’s “work”.

When I get a chance, in between the madness, I’ll update properly.