Daily Archives: November 23, 2007

Swiss horn repair help line

I did have a couple of posts planned for yesterday, including B&B discussing the virtues of naming your high-speed attack vehicles after sensible creatures, but all that went out of the window because of the farcical happenings of Wednesday night.

That aside, as I will rant if the subject is touched upon, my spirits were raised again yesterday as we went to see Bill Bailey at Birmingham’s NIA. This hippy looking chap is pure comedy gold, whilst also having a tendency to go off on some quite surreal tangents.

Plus, being a superbly talented musician, he also works an awful lot of music into his act. Among his array of guitars, synthesisers, giants gongs and lutes, was a Swiss flick-horn on which he attempted to play the Coronation Street theme tune. However, during the “flick” part the horn split into two on stage leaving him slightly at a loss for a moment.

Regaining his composure, he noticed a helpline number on the bottom of the horn. In a musician’s workshop, somewhere in Switzerland, there is now an amusing answer phone message in a heavy West Country accent asking why his horn is broken and terminated by the applause of several thousand Brummies.

The only thing better would have been S117

I knew it would be a good night; just look at the number on my ticket.