Daily Archives: December 11, 2007

Incomplete: Part Two

Ok, I’ve calmed down. The passage I wrote this morning may have been a little harsh but I was writing in the moment and at that moment I was really quite annoyed.

I’ve had a response back very quickly and it seems there were some teething problems, understandable on a rollout of such complexity, and that if I try again tonight I should be able to re-download the movie at no extra cost.

 Fingers crossed and many thanks to Xbox Live Operations team for a speedy reply.


To calm me down somewhat, it appears as though the new Halo maps have now gone live. Hopefully these will fare better through the tubes of the interweb than my last download.


I stopped up past midnight yesterday for one specific reason, the launch of the Xbox Live Video Marketplace. This was touted as the chance for the Xbox to be used as a true media hub with the ability download high definition movies straight into your home, a great chance for me to use all 1080 of my p.

This morning, however, already grumpy from the fact that I haven’t had enough sleep, I find myself very annoyed at the fact that my Xbox has done the equivalent of eat roughly £3.50 of my money and I have nothing to show for it.

Out of the slim selection on offer at launch, Ali and I decided to download the first Harry Potter film. I set this going not too long after midnight and went to bed, allowing the 6.7GB to stream to my box whilst I slept. True, all the bytes seem to have arrived but rather than given the ability to watch them I am basically told the file is corrupt and unusable. “Incomplete”, according to my dashboard.

I am now left with a large portion of my hard-drive taken up with crap and I have no ability to re-download because it is a classed as a one-off rental.

This is an awful first experience and considering the file managed to transfer in its entirety I see no reason why it should suddenly fall over at the final hurdle; it is safe to say I will be attempting to have “words” with someone today.

How’s everyone else finding it?