Daily Archives: December 20, 2007


It’s getting quiet in the office now. We’re down to the last few remaining souls who are either saving up their spare holiday for something interesting next year or have done something interesting this year and are now stuck inside until Christmas Eve.

Me, I’m saving a few days in case our house move finally comes off in the spring but I am going stir crazy. It’s too quiet and in the end I just decided to take the afternoon off but stay in the office to make use of the facilities.

Pirate Steve and I have been getting quite obsessive over our new found love of Halo Clix and Hero Clix and it’s got that point where scenery is being made. This is where the facilities came in handy as our fancy printers, lovely 3D modelling studios and talented artists (also holidaying) helped me knock together our own version of a Snowbound bunker.

This is only the  rendered example but I only have to find enough cardboard to make this structure a reality.

It’s only going to get worse from here, too, given that I’ve found a program that will turn any wire model into papercraft, the sky is now the limit. I may have to make sure we have an extra toner cartridge.