Daily Archives: December 29, 2007

250 Word Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance

I’ve never been a big fan of superheroes but I can’t deny they do lend themselves well towards video games. With maybe the noticable exception anything based around Superman, it seems.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance sees Dr Doom about to take over the world again and it’s up to you and your stable of superheroes to make him think twice. From a possible 20, you pick a squad of four characters and battle your way through a variety of levels themed around key characters from Marvel’s archives.

The game itself is a button masher. Hammering A and B in various combinations will cause your character’s fists to flayal at everything in sight, whilst also throwing in the odd special attack this will probably be enough to see you through 90% of the game.

Kapow! Bosh! Twang!

That’s not to say combat isn’t fun. Depending on which hero you pick, different possibilities open up and the whole context of combat can shift. Plus, smashing your way through dozens of goons with over the top attacks can stay fresh for a suprising amount of time.

What is a welcome break is the occassional boss battle. Every other is admittedly a “hit them until they die” affair, but the rest are thoughtfully designed and wouldn’t feel to out of place in WoW as they require some thought and/or teamwork to pull off.

My recommendation, though, is only ever play this in multiplayer. No matter how engaging some of the environements are, solo mashing can be soul destroying.