Monthly Archives: July 2008

“All you other games might as well give up now.”

I’ve always liked Eurogamer:

“Microsoft has announced that Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise will be released for Xbox 360 on 5th September. All you other games might as well give up now.

Trouble in Paradise is the sequel to the Gears of War-smashing Viva Piñata, where you built up a pretty garden and tried to coax animals to come and live in it. Which sounds more sinister than it actually was.”

Just two months to go until I see our baby on the shelves.

Twitter me this

Self promotion here. Just in case there are those just looking at my frontpage and wondering what’s going on, you can always check out my Twitter category. This will show all my brief updates that don’t really warrant to be splashed across the home page as they’ll just make the place look messy.

The more astute of you will have already realised that thanks to their inclusion in my RSS feed.

See you soon for some more substantial updates. After all, the end is nigh.