Monthly Archives: March 2009

Give me my music

I still feel that criticising Guitar Hero is like speaking ill of an ex-girlfriend. There must have been some good times otherwise you wouldn’t have spent so much time with them, but then they went and stole your CD collection and you moved on to the sassier, more loving, Rock Band. The point I’m trying to make here is that as much as I loved the strumming based fun, when I found out my Guitar Hero II DLC wasn’t recognised in Guitar Hero III I was a little miffed. And when my Guitar Hero III DLC was also locked out of Guitar Hero: World Tour I knew it was time to move on.

This whole scenario has once again been setup with the official unveiling of Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits, a rerelease of the greatest songs from Guitar Heroes I, II and III, all wrapped onto one nicely packaged disc. This means that on the Xbox 360 alone there will soon be five different Guitar Heroes, each unable to play the other’s downloaded songs. In a party atmosphere where a cry can go out for a particular song, you don’t want to faff around popping discs in and out as the evening’s taste change, you want to be in one game with access to all those songs you’ve spent your hard earned Microsoft Points on. God bless Rock Band.

Whilst the Guitar Hero name may hold more sway with the masses, those in the know are wholeheartedly behind Rock Band for this and many other subtle reasons. If Activision ever want us to switch back then they’re going about it the wrong way as we don’t want branded games or greatest hits as separate entities, what we want at the very least is access to them as DLC. Give me the option to spend £40 in the Marketplace as opposed to Amazon and you may tempt me back, but as long as I know that my newly downloaded Wings pack is going to invalidated come the holiday season then you can kiss me goodbye.

Return to Blobolonia

Since yesterday I’ve found some video of Boy and His Blob, both the new and the old versions. It’s quite staggering the difference between the two. Obviously the machines they run on are worlds apart but the art direction has equally gone off in a different direction.

From an initial look it seems as though its more a reimagining than a remake. Everything seems cuter and cuddlier and infinitely more accomodating for younger players. The boy even seems to have found some rudimentary platforming skills.

Boy and his Blob

More than any other story in recent weeks, the news that Boy and His Blob is being reimagined has gotten me on tenterhooks. I honestly don’t know how well known this game is but to me and my brother it conjures up fond memories of our youth and the times spent with our beloved NES.

In a nutshell, you, the boy, had to escort your friend, the blob, to his home world of Blobolonia through an underground labyrinth. On the way jellybeans are used to turn blob into useful items such as ladders and trampolines to make up for the boys shocking lack of platforming skills, allowing them access to new areas of the map and reach key objects. Quite what happens when you reached Blobolonia I couldn’t really tell you, we never had the skills to get past the first couple of screens.

The blob turning his hand to being a bridge. He was very helpful.

Looking back, I’m sure it was a very brutal game. The boy seemed to die when falling from all but the shortest of heights, one hits kills were everywhere, checkpoints weren’t invented yet and there weren’t even any passwords to start you at a later stage; every time you turned the game on you’d start from your mum’s house and know that you had an awfully long road ahead of you. And yet I still think of it with rose tinted spectacles. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the lost Citizen Kane of videogaming, but I have such happy memories of throwing jellybeans to my blob that even if I was presented with a series of reviews declaring it worse than Superman 64 I would brand them all blasphemous.

The only downside, it’s coming to the Wii. Although, to see Blobert one more time it might just return from its corner in the loft.

Does anyone else remember this game?