Daily Archives: April 3, 2009

Look at our lovely PS3

One of the benefits to getting married – apart from the love, commitment and relationship that it celebrates – is the wedding list. A means devised to make sure that your guests don’t all accidentally get you both toasters. Ours was mainly full with new crockery, cooking equipment and other bits and pieces for around the house. What also crept on there was something very shiny.

Speaking to others who have gotten married, mainly grooms, everyone has tried to sneak something on theirs that has been somewhat cheeky: Aston Martins, big tellies, that sort of thing. In a similar vein I managed to add a PlayStation 3 to the end of ours, more in hope than expectation, but thanks to Ali’s extremely generous aunt (or more precisely, her cousin who persuaded his mum) we are now the proud owners of Sony’s current console.

The thought of even asking for a PlayStation made me feel odd to begin with. Not only the MS connection, but I’ve never really gotten along with Sony and throughout the lifespan of the PS2 I only ever owned Pro Evo as I was perfectly satisfied with my Xbox and GameCube combination. With the advent of the “next-gen”, though, I’ve found it harder to resist. From the lure of Blu-ray built in and games such as Little Big Planet I think it was almost a case of when and not if.

First game to be put in the drive was indeed Little Big Planet. After playing Mario on the DS on holiday I can honestly say that my first impression of it is that it takes the baton of 2D side-scrollers and runs with it. The sheer range of challenge, the feel of the controls and the broad and colourful look is simply wonderful.

More on that later but tonight we watch our first Blu-ray. End of our first week back and we settle down to watch Serenity in HD. Shiny.