Daily Archives: April 6, 2009

Downloading update data…

Currently the very sleek, shiny, black box that now lives in my TV cabinet is hogging a lot of my gaming time. I’m keen to explore what Sony has to offer in terms of games and services, especially those unique experiences that I can’t get on other platforms. By my own admittance the next few weeks will probably see most of my posts based around the PS3. They might even go some way to redress the balance of my Xbox-centric view on life.

So far my PlayStation experience has been a good one, with one noticeable exception: the continual drops of bloated updates to the operating system. We’ve only had the system a week and at least three large patches have been forced on us, each taking roughly a quarter-of-an-hour to be installed. I had heard about these downloads before but optimistically assumed that people were exaggerating. If only that were the case.

The kicker is that I wouldn’t mind if the functionality being added was a seismic shift to what was there before, but when the patch notes declares that “Text Messaging” I was staggered. I was torn between wondering why that hadn’t been included sooner and how on earth text messages could produce such a huge download.

The thought of new features being added on a semi-regular basis is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but that has to be balanced out against the disruption caused to the player. The Xbox manages this well, in my opinion, making a feature about big updates once or twice a year whilst dropping tiny bug fixing patches almost unnoticed in between times. Hopefully I’ll get used to this new system – may they’ll only drop once a month, I don’t know – but for now I sit in fear of turning the PS3 on and seeing the quiet notification telling me a new update is available. Time to put the kettle on.