Daily Archives: April 17, 2009

Friday Afternoon Rant

Trophies may be Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Achievements but, to be frank, they just don’t cut it. Achievements produce an unmistakably classic “blip” noise and pop up proudly for all to see. There in the middle of the screen so everyone around you can worship you for the gaming god you are. Trophies, however, seem to quietly sneak onto the top right of your screen trying not to be noticed and ghost off in much the same manner.

They may achieve the same end result in rewarding the player for an arbitrary accomplishment but they just don’t feel like they’re rewarding me at all. I don’t want subtle pats on the back, I want fireworks and street parades, damn it!

For the sake of one simple noise I can safely say that I will not be going Trophy hunting.