Monthly Archives: June 2009


After a brief break I’m back and would like to announce my new project: www.7outof10.co.uk

In conjunction with some of my good friends down in Cheltenham, we’ve decided to combine our efforts and create a site where we can whitter away about our gaming hobby. I can’t say the content is going to be vastly different to that which you have seen here (you may even notice some initial cross-over whilst we get off the ground) but, as I’ve always said, it’s better to play with friends than on your own.

My articles may still appear here and more personal stuff should still pop up from time to time, but my main focus for game related content will now be www.7outof10.co.uk. If you’re interested in joining us in this fledging community, Manny, Phil and myself will be more than happy to welcome you in.