Despite Resistance: Fall of Man coming out over half-a-year ago in some areas of the world, it appears that Manchester’s Christian community have only just noticed it. It seems they are upset that Manchester Cathedral is used within the first-person-shooter and are worried that the city is already recognised for its gun violence and a videogame using such a backdrop can only compound matters.

Now, whilst glorifying guns violence may be the primary concern of the clergy, they seemed to have failed to spot, as pointed out in Sony’s riposte, that the game takes place in an alternate universe where aliens are invading the earth. Surely something that dilutes the glamour, some what.

Now whilst I see their point of view, they seem to have gone on a publicity drive that has blown everything out of proportion and stinks of knee jerk reactions, threats to take Sony court and demands for copies of Resistance to be pulled from shelves. Apart from the futility of a law suit, I can’t see how this was missed for several months if it was such a big deal; we’re not talking a hot-coffee mod, this game has been in full public view.

I admit that setting a shooter in a cathedral, especially a known cathedral, may not completely smack of thinking of others (imagine the outcry if it had been a mosque) and so whilst more thought should go into future design it’s interesting to see this is a topic that has caused the Prime Minister to his tuppence worth.

Yet again, following on from Las Vegas’ major’s criticism of Rainbow Six last year, I find it odd how organisations don’t mind violent or controversial movies to be set in and amongst their property. This includes every Las Vegas gangster film, Con Air and ones such as the Da Vinci Code in regards to the church; yet games are once again held up as a blot on their landscape. Whilst I reiterate the church has a point, it seems that there are certain double standards depending on which medium your fiction is produced.

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