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Double value downloads

Regular readers may have twigged that we here at 7outof10 towers are very partial to a bit of Rock Band. Most of the time I can’t sing its praises high enough; for its colour-coded music brings joy to all, has introduced me to a great range of bands, and has even inspired me to learn the drums proper. Some may argue that the final point is not a good one as a drum kit now takes up a large percentage of my front room, but I think only my wife falls into that camp.

Over the weekend I was introduced to The Beatles edition of Rock Band, and my was it an education. No matter how many Beatles tracks you think you know the game does an excellent job of throwing in tracks from throughout your career that many people will be surprised to see. Either because they did not realise that particular track was one of theirs, or because a song that you have never heard before is suddenly streaming down the noteway towards you and you’ve no idea how it is supposed to sound.

At the end of it I felt I had been on a little musical mystery tour, having had my mind expanded and I wanted to find out more. So off I headed to the Marketplace, hoping to see Hey Jude peering back at me. Sadly it was conspicuous by its absence, but the full albums of Rubber Soul, Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road did all sat proudly upon its shelves. And it got me thinking: I’d be far happier parting with my Microsoft points if I could take my music elsewhere.

I’ve downloaded many songs from Rock Band’s music store and a reasonable number have been played once, maybe twice, and then left to mill around with the rest of the RB tracks that litter my harddrive. Some Foo Fighters, No Doubt and Greenday do get some good play time, but the impulse buys out-number them, and I fear that any Beatles downloads I do make would head in the same direction. Especially as you can (understandably) only play them on the Beatles edition of Rock Band.

Imagine, however, if you got the MP3 version of the track with it. In my mind that would certainly give a new lease of life to the music store and those albums that originally looked at little daunting at almost £15 were suddenly a lot more attractive. I’m not saying it would be easy, or indeed feasible, but what if? What if?

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