Happy New Year

Happy 2014!

Through a mix of pressures from work and home I’ve taken a short sabbatical from the site but with the New Year comes renewed enthusiasm.

Part of the joy of the site for me is now that it is far more casual than it was a handful of years back. Back then there was a push to see if we could make it and crack into the industry good and proper but over time we found that that simply wasn’t going to be obtainable with the amount of time we could dedicate to producing reasonable content.

As it stands now it’s a plaything, a place where a handful of friends can talk about games they like and experiment with writing and other media. And I’m more than happy with that. The day this gets too serious is the day I’ll probably consider packing it in again as I have enough serious in my day job.

So, as we usher the New Year in, thank you to those who continue to stop by in the hope that one day we may put a new article up. Your presence is much appreciated and I can only hope we serve you better in the coming 12 months.

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