Finally, someone at Capcom has seen sense and Okami is coming to the Wii!

This super stylised game has taken several game of the year awards already and revolves around a white canine (dog? wolf? I can’t tell) whose action are controlled by paintbrush motions across the screen. I was never tempted to get it on the PS2 as I have never really liked using the PS2’s analogue sticks, but that is purely down to personal preference and the Wii-mote will be a far more intuitive input.


My Wii has been growing stale recently, even the release of Metroid hasn’t inspired me to dust off the shiny white box. With Halo and Orange Box I don’t know if I want another shooter but deep down I know I should play it.

Deep down I also know that Mario will probably be the turning point, and once that portly plumber re-emerges my “new gen” machine should start getting a lot more use.

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