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While the cat’s away

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I’m sitting here at work, during my lunch hour, knackered, bestubbled and wearing a beanie; Ali’s away this week and it means any semblance of order at home has gone out of the window.

She’s away with a friend at Centre Parcsfor the week and in the meantime I’m using this opportunity to play copious amounts of Xbox. Translated, this means stopping up late and having meals that mainly consist of either soup or pasta to allow me the most possible gaming time of an evening.

I had borrowed a stack load of games from work, including Sega Rally, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and the latest Tony Hawks game, but despite all those temptations sitting so close I still can’t pull myself away from Halo and Pro Evolution Soccer.

Pro Evo is still as good a game of football as you are going to get without hiring a couple of Premiership squads to have a kick around in your back garden and Halo is… well, it’s just Halo. My Halo buddies and I have been sampling the products of the Forge and have been racing quad bikes through mine fields, recreating the D-day landings and generally having a laugh with large hammers; every night can bring something different.

If this were the video game equivalent of Desert Island Discs, these pair would happily accompany me to my tropical retreat (along with a mighty long ethernet cable). What would go with them is up for debate but it will be interesting to find out which games you could play seemingly forever. Go on, what would you take?

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