Good news, everyone!

This opening paragraph has now been rewritten six times. I’ve attempted to spin yarns about “upgrading” and “new starts” but everything I have written has sounded awful and has been at real danger of getting me lynched by those close to me on my return home.

And, so, I will boil it down to it’s most simple element: Ali and I are now engaged.

The grinning couple atop Ashby Castle

We celebrated our five year anniversary on Saturday night and to mark the occasion we booked a table and a room in a highly recommended restaurant in Market Bosworth. The room was decked out with flowers and Champagne but it wasn’t Saturday night I popped the question.

On Sunday we went to Ashby Castle, where five years previously we had attempted to have our first date but couldn’t due to the heaven’s opening on us. This time, however, we got in and atop the highest tower I went down on one knee and Ali said “yes”.

This had been in the works for months and so whilst I’ve had time to get used to the fact I’d hopefully be getting married in my head, it’s very weird hearing other people use terms like wife and husband around us now.

Still, Ali seems to have embraced it with both arms, promising to try and become the ultimate “Bridezilla”.

We’ve already started looking at venues and making guest lists meaning despite our ideal date being early 2009, at this rate we’ll be ready to go by Easter.

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