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Incomplete: Part Four

The saga continues, but this time with a positive end.

Towards the tail end of last week Xbox Operation contacted me with a view to helping them test and give feedback on the new video store on Xbox Live Marketplace. Given my previous experience I thought it wouldn’t hurt and that if I could be of any assistance in identifying my blocking issue then so much the better.

Armed with a generous 1,000 points I set about the Marketplace looking for the smallest movie I could find to download; after all, if it was going to fail I wanted it to fail quickly. However, low and behold, all 1.1GB Analyse This successfully downloaded at the first time of asking and in only 40 minutes.

Buoyed by my success I went directly to my nemesis, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Whilst taking slightly longer due to it’s HD-ness, it too managed to land complete and watchable on my hard drive.

The interesting thing I have learned from these experiments over the weekend is that you are actually able to watch the movies as they download. This may sound like a no brainer but this interesting feature was hidden away in a list of bullet points at the time of launch and I think deserves mentioning. Basically, if you’re downloading a standard definition film, you can pretty much start watching it only five minutes into the download, which is fantastic.

Anyway, my opinion has now been reversed and it is once again something that I now eagerly await new releases for. We’ve still to watch Analyse This plus Zodiac and the cult Clash of the Titans also await viewing, the only problem now is fitting them around all the Christmas specials.

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