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365 Word Review: Boogie Bunnies

Having Bernard and Baldrick has meant Ali and I have a soft spot for most things rabbit. As much fun as Rayman Ravin’ Rabbids is, I doubt we would ever have bought it had it not been for the deranged bunnies on the cover. The same can also be said about Sierra’s Boogie Bunnies, recently arrived on Xbox Live Arcade.

Boogie Bunnies is another match-and-pop puzzler in the same vein as Zoo Keeper, Bejewelled and thousands more. Given a grid of coloured bunnies it is your job to match three or more by hurling a similarly coloured bun at them. Those then disappear and hopefully others then follow likewise as they fall back, filling gaps left by their fallen brethren.

All the time the bunnies advance towards you and if too many reach the edge then it’s Game Over.

Blue! I need a blue!!!!!!

What this game adds to the traditional mixture is the ability to attack things from a different angle; rather than firing straight down the table, ala Space Invaders, you can move round the side and fire into their ranks.

This may not sound much but it brings a different style of play to an old formula as you start to look for matches round the back. Success can cause said cascades which can help you out of a tight spot, bringing those bunnies back from the brink, whilst adding a mass of points to your score.

Whilst I found the game on its own a good experience (I’m a sucker for block puzzlers) it was the co-operative mode that made it shine. Here, you both control a bunny as you bid to control the warren and team work is surprisingly key because your characters can never move past each other. Instead, one has to move over enough to allow the other a shot. Every time Ali and I play there are screams of “left!” and “budge right!” as we jostle for position.

Overall, I’m surprised at how much I actually enjoyed Boogie Bunnies. From a traditional template, just enough new features have been added to make it a welcome addition to XBLA, especially if you have someone willing to play co-op with you.

Go on. Boogie!


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