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I’m running out of glue!

I’m sorry to say that I’ve been at the glue and cardboard again. Not content with attempting to create Snowbound with my new found toy, I’ve set about making the original Halo’s Hang ’em High map.

I hoovered the living room especially for this photo.

It has turned out huge and so far it has eaten up a lotof cardboard, three Pritsticks and one roll of sticky tape, plus I’m not done yet.

Whilst the main layout is already there, the North Base needs its tower, all the gantries need installing and countless “tomb stones” need adding to the floor to instill that true Hang ’em High feeling.

The one consideration I did make when spec’ing the layout is to make sure it comes apart easily. Ali’s already getting fed up of it taking over the kitchen but as long as it can fit through the loft hatch then it’ll be grand.

You can find more model fueled images here.

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