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This is what is wrong with society today

There is nothing that gets me more irate than the legal system gone mad. Particularly the American one.

Guitar makers Gibson are suing Activision over their Guitar Hero series because it infringes their patent for simulating a musical performance. What makes this even crazier is that they have been official partners of the brand since July of last year so it could have hardly gone unnoticed.

See that one on the right… guess what make it is.

I can understand the need for patents when it comes to securing your rights over technical and highly skilled pieces of technology or research, but but when it comes to such generic filings I throw my hands high and wail in despair. Such a catch-all statement is one step away from a patent patenting patents. 

With the precedence set, is Sony now going to be sued for Sing Star, is EA next for its Rock Band series or, more importantly, am I going to get done next time I use my shower gel as an impromptu microphone whilst in the shower?

I can only hope the judge shows common sense and throws it out.

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