I discovered a new love over the weekend: Grifball. An oh-so simple custom game from within Halo 3’s bowels that could be considered a cross between rugby and whack-a-mole.

There is a ball in the middle of the pitch and the aim of the game is to get it into the opposition’s goal. Simple.

Now replace “ball” with “bomb”, “goal” with “enemy spawn zone” and arm everyone with gravity hammers and you can see how Grifball starts to mix things up a little.

It is ridiculously simple but played with a group of friends and over a period of time and it becomes quite tactical as you must first wrestle the ball from the opposition and then shield your carrier from their retribution. Going in and hitting wildly isn’t neccessarily going to work and a good sense of timing and team play is helpful.

After the stress (and, yes, it is stressful) of the ranked hoppers, such a relaxingly manic game type is welcome. They are short and snappy matches, and anywhere you can earn a Killimanjaro award is welcome.

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