A price too great

EA’s Rock Band was going to be the shining light in an otherwise dull summer (GTA excluded). I say “was” because unless I feel like remortgaging my house or taking on an extra paper round the price tag of £180 assocated with it is somewhat mindboggling.

Some day you will be mine. Someday.

Whilst I understand that shipping the guitars, drums and microphone peripherals is no doubt a costly business, how many people are going to walk into their local Woolworths and walk out with something that costs four, nearly five, times as much as other new releases. It is as much that psychological effect that is going to stop people’s wallets from opening than any material evaluation of worth. 

Just to put that into context, you could buy a Wii for the same price as Rock Band. That’s a whole console, plus waggle sticks and a damn fine game to boot.

It all comes down to whether you think the experience is worth it, and for me the price is simply too high. There is no way I could justify to myself dropping that large a portion of my wage on a single game, let alone Ali who would also want to know just exactly where that large plastic drum kit was going to live.

So, does anyone out there feel they can drop a few ponies on this?*


*Translated: whose house can I invade to try this beast out?

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