Did you just kart?

So today is the day. Mario Kart is out in the UK and as soon as I finishing typing this post I’m off to purchase what maybe the penultimate hope (the final one being Smash Brothers Brawl) that my Wii will not just become a dedicated BBCi player.

Come on Luigi, run him off the road!

I sense once again I have started this out as a Wii-bashing post but I’m only harsh on it because I want what’s best for they system. I really loved the SNES and DS versions of the same game and I am hoping beyond hope that it is going to spark my waggle sticks back into action.

My brother has already got his hands on it thanks to a friendly source, and seems to be enjoying it even if it still frustrates every living being with its range of powerups that keep causing the standings to be somewhat of a lottery.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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