Call the plumber

It appears we have a leak. And it’s not just us.

P-p-p-pick up a penguin. Or two.

What is most disappointing about this, for me and my friends on both VP and Banjo, is the fact our thunder has been stolen. Whilst this asset leak may provide coverage, it isn’t anywhere near as satisfying as the fanfared unveiling that was planned.

Furthermore, a lot of images can be taken out of context or just blatantly misinterpretted, as alluded to by George earlier on today, which is frustrating when you’re sitting on this side of the fence unable to do anything other than grit your teeth.

In an odd twist, this may actually get more column inches because of its subversive nature, but I can’t help feel slightly deflated by it all. The thing to take from it, however, is that most of the comments relating to Viva Pinata’s reappearance are actually really positive, which is reassuring.

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