Drop a beat

One of the joys of crunch is that with a lot of you free time evaporating around you is that you have a tendency to spend less money. The most recent threat to my wallet has been in the form of the Rock Band drum kit sitting in ASDA, taunting me from its lofty position, beckoning me to take it home.

You see, if they sold it like this out the box it would already be in my living room.

Despite all my rantings a while ago about how it was just too expensive, it didn’t stop me from being tempted. The lure was definitely there and Ali had to talk me down from the ledge on more than one occasion telling me I just don’t have time to play it.

That lust for plastic instruments, however, has now passed. As it turns out, I am quite a fickle gamer and if it’s not new then my urge to purchase it drops off dramatically. In the two weeks since Rock Band has been out in the UK I have gone from desperately searching eBay for a low, low price, to turning my attentions to the next big thing appearing on the horizon (and with any luck it’ll be cross-compatible and that will solve all my problems).

This transient gaming nature seems to have followed me around for some time and I know that in recent time Metroid Prime, Mass Effect and Half-Life 2’s episodes all having passed me by because I didn’t jump on the bandwagon at the time of release. It’s a very bad habit to get in to, and one I wish I could shake, but at least this time it’s saved me over a hundred pounds.

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