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  • E68: Please contact Xbox support

E68: Please contact Xbox support

Some may think a Red Ring of Death is bad. Your whole console fried and only brought back to life by a return trip to Xbox support or a quick smothering in towels. The one thing you have to remember with this, is at least your data is safe; tucked away on a separate hard drive, it may look sorrowful and useless on its own but at least you know that when your console comes back from the dead it will be ready to roll once more.

I say this because only a couple of days ago my hard drive died and it’s hit me bad. Out of all my recreational belongings this was the thing that I never wanted to lose.

You can replace discs, sports equipment, board games and books. Here, though, many years’ worth of save games have gone: all my Viva Piñata gardens, my Halo replays, my Guitar Hero set lists, my Crackdown orbs, my Tomb Raider levels, my Carcassonne tiles, my Lego pieces, my Portals, my Penny Arcade character, my entire 360 archive.

Looking down my gamercard, it may not appear that many were played frequently but that was never the point. During lulls in releases it was always great to get Crackdown out and bound around the city, or when friends were round to reveal the guitars and wail on them. For some I can find unlock codes to help me out but others I just don’t have the heart to play through again and unfortunately Viva Piñata is amongst them. I’ve sunk over 150 hours into both games and I just can’t face that again, I really can’t.

Brothers in arms

Quite touchingly, this image is the last thing I pulled from my hard drive before it keeled over. Whilst watching a replay of the previous night’s session of Halo, I found my brother and I shoulder to shoulder in combat against the Flood. May it stand as a monument to my fallen hardware.

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