Comic Con: The Aftermath

After what seems like a day-and-a-half’s worth of travelling (thanks to time zones), I can once more say that I walk upon England’s green and pleasant lands.

Apart from Lionhead’s footballing boasts, I’ve returned to find VP DS being recognised in the mainstream gaming media, meaning that Justin and I have done the job we set out to do. We were backed up by our fellow team mates talking about it on our favourite forum, plus footage seems to have been captured of our panel itself so once more I find myself hating the sound of my own voice (I’m the one talking at the start of the clip).

I’ve also had chance to upload the last set of photos, those featuring the little bit of non-show stuff we managed to squeeze in. This included a quick walk around the Midway and finding a bar that had a rooftop beach.

As a little extra, there is also The Adventures of Shroom, my favourite purchase at Comic Con. I blame the jetlag.

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