Role Reversal

Our honeymoon saw some role reversal. No, not like that. At home it’s usually Ali that loses me to colourful moving pictures; I’ll sit down, controller in hand promising I’ll just be a short while only to find her asking me to turn down the volume as it’s gone midnight and she’d like to get some sleep.

Away from home, however, Zoo Keeper on the DS has become something nearing crack to my new wife. We’d get back from a day wandering around a lost civilisation or seeing the finest paintings that Italy has to offer and it wouldn’t be long before the plinky plunky sounds of the DS’s tiny speakers would signal that I’d lost her for another hour at least.

If only she wasn’t so good at it I’d probably lose her for a lot less time but watching this woman match trios of animals is to witness a skill approaching an art form.

My holiday gaming consisted of revisiting some classics: Mr Driller, a DS launch title, still remains a firm favourite, especially in the more considered modes that aren’t based purely on speed; the relatively unheralded Nintendo Touch Golf is always worth a round or two; and starting Mario over can never be faulted.

But now matter how much I played, Ali’s talent meant that she was always playing after I’d long put down my DS. The only saving grace is that Zuma and Peggle haven’t made it to DS yet otherwise the only thing that would have gotten her away from the stylus would have been a flat battery.

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