Rare v Lionhead

In bringing Lionhead back to our own patch we were confident about how things would go. We thought that pulling them out to the sticks and putting them on a pitch that could hardly be described as flat might swing the advantage in our favour, but things don’t always go to plan.

In fact, it was pretty much an exact copy of the last outing. Once again, we had two teams and they had two teams and from the four matches that ensued our results looked a bit like this: P4 W1 D1 L2. Identical to the last meeting between the studios, just with a few more goals to each side.

Up until the last game, though, it was all going well. For my team, at least.

I watched as our B-team lost 3-1 to their A-team in the first match. However, despite the scoreline our Bs were unlucky and if they had converted any of the numerous chances they squandered or hit the woodwork with it may have been a different story.

After that we were facing their B-team and as per usual we started badly. Bad even by our standards as we were 2-0 down within three minutes. To say we were shell-shocked was an understatement as they nipped in between us both times to score. Luckily we pulled one back before half-time and a spectacular, looping, Matty Taylor-effortfrom our centre-back sealed a draw.

No rest for the wicked, though, and we were straight back on to face their A-team. This time we took an early lead before being pinned back to go into the break 1-1. Then, in the second half, George took matters into his own hands and completed a hat-trick with some lovely finishing and some very nice pass-and-move play from the team which saw us through 4-1 winners.

So after three games it was a win and a draw each. Here it began to slide very rapidly down hill.

At half-time in the final game our B-team were trailing 1-0 to theirs, but our goalkeeper had taken a knock to his hand and was doubtful for the final half. In hindsight, I somewhat foolishly agreed to take over and what followed was a defensive shambles that left me livid.

It may be ok to push on to try and get an equaliser but when I am left to deal with one-on-one after one-on-one it can try the patience of even the most saintly keeper. I may not have had the best of games last night but I don’t think the the final, embarassing 5-1 scoreline can be laid at my feet considering the circumstances.

With this in mind, one of the big positives to come from last night was the fact that this time Lionhead didn’t bring their film crew with them so we can’t be edited to look even worse than we were. Although I don’t think that would have been possible with the last game.

To leave on a high note, there is talk of trying to put together a Microsoft wide football tournament for us to show our “skills” off at. The best thing about it, though, is the location where it might be… it may be under a large arch somewhere.

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