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Trick or treat?

An exciting weekend as for once I got all dressed up for Halloween. No, not “some bod from Mortal Kombat” but the Cardboard Tube Samurai from Penny Arcade.

The Cardboard Tube Samurai... use Google if you're confused.

What was most impressive about the costume for me was the fact that six hours before I went out I didn’t have any idea what I was doing. A quick and desperate trawl of the local charity shops managed to turn up a complete set of bright yellow sowesters. Thrown together with some black edging, a cardboard hat and some Pacman motifs, the CTS was born.

Also out and about were the mummy, the witch, the dark jester and the headless horseman. The latter was particularly impressive and dedicated considering he could hardly see, drink or breathe easily with his costume on.

Insert scary noises.

So on Friday night, the five of us all turned up at The Old Contemptibles in Birmingham, ready and raring for a spooky party only to find that it was just us and the bar staff in costume. Everyone else was wearing suits having popped in after work for a cheeky pint. Considering there were signs all around the bar for a “Halloween Bash” we felt a little let down.

Not to be beaten, a quick taxi ride later saw us rubbing shoulders with Dracula’s bride, a chap on the wrong end of a chainsaw attack and various other freaks. We were at home amongst them and merrily danced our way into the early morning.

So, how did Halloween pan out for you?