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Dare to be Digital 2008

Welcome to Dare to be Digital 2008. After last year’s incredible experience, I was very honoured and excited to find out that the powers-that-be wanted to send me back up to Scotland to be a “walk and talk judge” at the event’.

Last year’s event showcased some truly wonderful titles, with Climbtastic, Ragnarawk and Bear Go Home all being shortlisted for a BAFTA.

This year there are 50% more teams, a setting that is more akin to E3 than last year’s white room and I have Ali in tow to give me her own unique perspective on things.

Over the next few days I’ll be taking complete advantage of my situation and posting up some of the games that have caught my eye, what captutured my imagination in various fields, so do stay tuned.

Edit: due to an “incident” my camera is out of comission so please do excuse the lack of images. Thank you.