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What a banker

There is one thing guaranteed now: I am not voting Labour in the next election. During all my years of voting I have never stuck to one party or one candidate, always making my mark for the party that at the time appeals and promises to do the things that matter to me. Brown’s activity in the financial district, however, has ruled out any chance of me wanting another term of his misdirected leadership.

The recent hand-outs to the various banks that are struggling has really riled me. It seems that in this age of capitalism, that sector is immune from the prospect of going under and isoffered blank cheques at the first sign of trouble. Not only did they profit from our money during the good times but they are now looking to use our money to bail them out.

Our money is going on propping up failing institutions. If this happened on a smaller scale, say a business you or I had set up, if we had failed then we would have paid for it. Yet in the city, if they fail then we also pay for it.

Quite frankly with an insurance and guarantee scheme that already exists for accounts Joe Public’s money that he invested in Braford and Bingley, Northern Rock and Lloyds TSB is protected. I wish I could feel so safe about the multiple billions of pounds our government has just shored them up with.