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The monolith of temptation

The thought of expanding my console collection and adding a PS3 to the fold has been lurking in the back of mind recently, not least because of the 360 v PS3 for GTA IV debate. It wouldn’t be so much for the exclusive full-price titles but more for the PlayStation Network and the likes of Echochrome and Little Big Planet; those that could be considered truly unique to Sony’s brand

As it stands, the two key blockers are the price and my work load. Hopefully, though, by the time my current project is over Sony will have happily slashed their prices just a little more. Two birds and all that

The MGS4 bundle is looking like the most tempting bet at the moment, especially given that I am still a Solid Snake virgin and would love to actually get to grips with one of Kojima’s games, but are there any other full-price releases that anyone would recommend that could tempt me yet further? Any gems hidden in the bargain bins?