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Sound check

Team building exercises are great. Whether you’re trying to shoot your workmates in the face with a paintball or ram them off the road in a kart, they really help bond a group.

Yesterday we had quite an unexpected one in the form of a flash mob as just after lunch our Sound Engineer summoned us to the recording studio because he needed a batch of crowd noises and we were just the rabble to help him out. Cue fifteen minutes or clapping, ohs, ahs and the odd inoffensive yell (we do try for E ratings, after all).

The rounds of applause caused him most grief and took about four takes as everyone tried to get the last clap in to claim the glory. Each one was more drawn out than an Oscar winning death scene.

Anyway, it’s great to see what a quarter of an hour of impromptu silliness can do for team morale. Next week we’re hoping someone needs mocap.