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Baby Pirates

As much as I try to keep this as a blog that tries to cover a broad range of topics – if those broad topics circle around gaming, sport and rabbits – I do like to slip the odd nugget of my actual life in here.

Today, I’d like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Pirate Steve at the birth of their new daughter, hence forth known as mini-Pirate Steve. To quote the father, “she weighed in at 3Lb 12oz and very cute.”

Well done you two and you can expect a visit from us soon as Ali is already gushing at the prospect of seeing just exactly how “very cute” she is.

Explorer Bunny

Not much to say today other than a little anicdote about the buns

After clearing most of the living room there was nothing left but a pile of empty boxes in the corner. Baldrick, being an adventerous soul, was out exploring and decided to poke around this pile to see what tender morsals she could find hidden within.

Two seconds later, out she screeched with a large stripe of parcel tape down her side. This was then followed by ten minutes of us chasing her round the room with a pair of tong in an attempt to peel it off whilst also trying to keep as much of her fur attached to Baldrick as possible.

May all rabbits owners heed this warning of bunnies and boxes so that the risk of bald buns is at a minimum – remove the sticky tape.

Wherever I lay my hat

I don’t think I ever felt “excited”. “Relieved”, “happy” and “knackered”, maybe, but never actually “excited” about how I’ve just moved house. It’s been dragging on for what seems like forever and at the end of the day I was just happy to get the keys before Duke Nukem Forever went gold.

Since everything has gone pear shaped on more than one occasion I’ve kept things quite but finally after 51 weeks ago, four potential buyers, the credit crunch and a self-employed Zimbabwean couple we struck lucky.

It is a relief now it’s all gone through, though; Ali’s commute is now dramatically sliced and whilst my trip to Rare is also shorter the real bonus is that we are now walking distance of a town centre, including a Gamestation.

I now sit contently in our new home surrounded by cardboard boxes of varying size wondering exactly which one contains my router. The joys of unpacking now await me but I can at least do the at my own pace. Another 51 weeks, maybe.