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Trophy Thomas

I am known by many names – JT, BIGsheep, occasionally even James – but during my time at work I have somehow earned the tag of Trophy Thomas. This may have something to do with my overly competitive nature and my magpie-esque love for anything shiny and cup-like, but who’s to say.

Whatever the truth, one of my boyhood dreams came true at Memorabilia yesterday as I got to lift the FA Cup: the greatest trophy of them all. Given Spurs’ attachment to the competition over the years I almost wet myself at the chance to hold it aloft, shunning the more disappointing European Cup standing right to its side.

So. Very. Happy.

Just look at that grin; I could not have been happier.

With the exception that my blue had faded for the show, that really was the highlight for me and possibly the best money I’ve ever spent in my life; the only thing that could top that for me would be actually walking out at White Hart Lane wearing Lillywhite.

Super Chocio

I hope that everyone is suitably stuffed from their Easter extravaganza. Having a pet that is heavily associated with the time of year brings with it certain themed presents and so I am still working my way through a batch of chocolate rabbits that relatives have bestowed upon me.

The prize eggs of the year, even if I do say so myself, are surely the ones that I gave out to my sister and her boyfriend: Super Mario Kinder Eggs.

If only Easter were everyday.

If I remember the adverts correctly, that’s three gifts in one: chocolate, a toy and a surprise! I was always dubious how it was three because the surprise for me was always if it wasn’t a shoddy toy.

Anyway, these are some quality sculpts and between us we managed three Warios, two Gombas, a Lakita, a DK and a Luigi. We have the bug, it’s just a shame they’re now sold out.