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BIGsheep will vouch for YOU!

It’s been a lousy week for updates here at BIGsheep.net, which I apologise for. I’ve been overly tired for most of the last seven days due to a mixture of work and GTA, something that hasn’t exactly gone down well with Ali, either.

What has cheered me up immensely, though, is the arrival of a shirt I’ve ordered from America. It was designed by my friend and owner of PinataIsland.info, Jimmcq, and incorporates our favourite saying on the forums.

If you’ve a dispute that needs settling; if there is a contract that needs witnessing; if your honour is called into question… BIGsheep will vouch for YOU!

Because I’m that damn good

The strangest thing about last night’s WWE Wrestlemania Revenge Tour was the feeling of watching something very familiar but also very odd at the same time. Up until now I’ve always seen it with quick cuts, fancy camera angles and the obligatory colour commentary, but when it’s live you can see the whole thing played out in real time and in comparative silence, bar the crowd.

My main worry leading up to the night was that because it wasn’t being taped that some how they were going to short change us with the match-ups. Given that we had Undertaker against Edge (a rematch from Wrestlemania), and a six-man tag-team featuring Batista, Big Show and Matt Hardy, however, they proved me well and truly wrong as pretty much ever slot on the card was filled by their big superstars.

That tag-team match was by far and away the high point. It was the one spot on the card where the wrestlers all decided to have a good time, relax and pull out a few stops given the setup. High risk mixed with the odd high jinx, if you will, as the element of theatre in the match was even more obvious when you could take in the entire scene, including the camaraderie between the wrestlers once the final bell had been rung.

It’s made me want to dig out No Mercy on the N64 again.